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Time, Memories and Impressions

M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition at California Institute of the Arts

April 14 to 20, 2024

Santa Clarita, California, CA 91355


About the Exhibition

Since my Mid-Residency exhibition at CalArts in February 2023, many things have influenced and inspired me. As my perception of photography has altered, centering on two fundamental concepts: light and time. Simultaneously, I deeply feel a visual uncertainty is shaping my work. Rather than capturing photographs with cameras, I feel like I am making visual impressions. These impressions reflect the passage of time, embody the blur of memories, and represent how I see our world. Exploring time, memories, and impressions is a commitment to my ongoing artistic journey.

Exhibited Works:


Sunset, Digital Inkjet Prints on Luster Papers, 14 inch x 14 inch each.

The Launch of Falcon 9, Digital Inkjet Prints on Luster Papers, 20 inch x 16 inch each.

Salton Sea, Digital Inkjet Print on Silk, 65 inch x 52 inch.

Three Years, Digital Inkjet Print on Luster Paper, 33 inch x 65 inch.

Eclipse, Digital Inkjet Prints on Luster Papers, 19 inch x 13 inch each.

The Launch of Falcon 9 (Video), Digital Video Displayed on Apple iPad, 8 minutes 1 seconds.


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