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Like a Dandelion

MFA Mid-Residency Exhibition, February 20th-25th at California Institute of the Arts

​‘Like a dandelion, I drifted with the wind, not knowing where my destination is.​’

In the past six months, I have visited many parts of the United States, from California to the Northwest Coast, to the Midwest, and a road trip to Mountain States.


Hollywood, California

Ventura, California

San Bernadino, California

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington


Malibu, California


Newberry Springs, California

Joshua Tree, California

LAX, California

During these days, I deeply feel that photography is a conversation between the world and me. Every time when I press the shutter, it was the inner voice from my heart.

Chicago, Illnois

Chicago, Illnois

Saint Louis, Missouri


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I believe that life is a pleasant journey and it is good to be always on my way to the unknown.


I love this feeling.

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