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After I got my driver's license, I was able to drive back to my hometown in Anhui with my parents. The journey was 1396 kilometers long and we tried to complete it in one day. We left Guangzhou early in the morning and arrived in Anhui in the evening. Usually, we would arrive in Jiujiang in the late afternoon and cross the Yangtze River, at which point we were halfway home; the same for the return trip.


As a "new immigrant" after China's economic reform, I was brought to live in the south with my parents since I was a child. I speak Cantonese, and I love southern food. For Anhui, I know very little. But every year my parents would bring me back to Anhui. I often wonder: I don't know where my real home is. Is it Anhui? I was just born there. Is it Guangzhou? Maybe.


For me, no matter if I go north or south, it's always home.

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